Jerry Garcia Etching

How Fine

Serendipitous lines move and gather form as they wander across the surface of the plate. Beginning with explosive calligraphy near the center, the forms collect to form an eye, nose and mouth of a perhaps familiar smiling face. Fond of including a degree of mystery in his work, it's possible the artist has written words and hidden them in the dense inking. Not entirely comfortable with the backward writing required by the printing process, Jerry nevertheless managed to title this, "Woh Fine" in the plate. We are offering signed and unsigned prints. These are quite rare. A very small number (less than twelve) experimental prints were made; Garcia chose not to approve this image for editioning. Printed on Arches cream paper. A few on buff or gray. Guaranteed authentic. Unsigned prints bear Weir Gallery Graphics chop and Certificate of Authenticity. Framing available.
How Fine

6"h x 4'w

experimental print, 6-12 copies signed

Extremely limited availability Prices on request
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